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We are delighted to exceed your professional and personal community engagement goals!

Corporate Social Responsibility
What businesses are most likely to be interested in the firm? Those that:
  • give time, product, or service, but do not see appropriate ROI
  • want to engage with nonprofits, but have a hard time saying NO
  • have a specific need (hiring, branding, sales, cost containment)
  • expand in geography, lines of business, new products or services
  • are in a post-merger or acquisition integration period
  • predict a leadership change or a significant shift in business strategy
  • cover any geography or industry
  • operate under any ownership structure

Jennifer Levine Hartz


Corporate Hartz, LLC

300 Green Park Court,

Suite B

Atlanta, GA 30327

Phone #404-285-4725




Personal Philanthropy 
What individuals are most likely to be interested in the firm?  Those who are:
  • undergoing a liquidity event
  • seek clarity between business and personal donations
  • fresh or soon-to-be retirees 
  • professionals in transition
  • looking to expand their network
  • looking to enhance their skills
  • experiencing a significant life event
  • of any background
  • from any line of work
  • new to or experienced in community engagement

We welcome your questions, comments, and referrals.